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New Feature: Transferring a Personal Assignment Grade

In some cases, instructors may need to extend a learning object’s assignment period for one or more students using the SIMnet personal assignment feature. Previously, personal assignment grade results were not integrated into the original class for which the assignment was intended. To alleviate the burden of transferring grades, SIMnet now offers an assignment transfer feature.

Assignment transfer can be used to transfer Exam, Project, and Resource personal assignment grade results back to the class for which the assignment was originally intended.

The following three conditions are required for the assignment transfer feature to be available:

  1. The instructor must be assigned to the class to which the transfer is made.
  2. The student must be assigned to the class to which the transfer is made.
  3. The transferred assignment must be assigned to the class to which the transfer is made.

The following example screenshots use an Exam learning object as the assignment.

To make a personal assignment grade transfer:

  1. From the navigation menu, select either Exams, Projects, or Resources.
  2. Select the learning object to be transferred.
  3. Expand the Actions menu and select Edit.
Screenshot showing expanding the Actions list and selecting Edit

Edit the exam by selecting Edit from the Actions list

  1. From the edit screen, select the Student Assignments tab.
  2. Select the student for whom you would like to transfer an assignment and click the Add button. Please note that only one student assignment can be transferred at one time.
  3. The Exam Assignment Details pop-up window will open.
  4. In the End Time: area enter the new end time for the Exam. (This will only apply to this particular student.)
  5. In the Transfer Results section, expand the Transfer student results to drop-down, and select the class to which the student grade belongs.
  6. Click the Save button to save the changes.
Screenshot showing using the Edit Assignment Details dialog to transfer a personal assignment grade to a class

Select the class to transfer the personal assignment grade

The assignment will be available in the student’s My Personal Assignments window. Once the student completes the assignment, the results will be available in the student’s class gradebook rather than the personal assignments gradebook.

A grade will only be transferred if there are attempts remaining in the class assignment to which the transfer is designated. If the student has already used all attempts in the class, the grade will remain in the student’s gradebook under My Personal Assignments. If necessary, you can delete one of the student’s previous attempts for the class assignment, and then transfer the personal assignment grade.

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