Microsoft Announces Company-Wide Reorganization

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sent out a staff memo yesterday that details a major company-wide restructuring plan. The new vision he laid out, called “One Microsoft,” is based on the principle of all the company’s divisions working together in harmony.

Previously, Microsoft was composed of eight product divisions, many of which ended up competing against one another, or duplicating work. The new company structure merges these divisions into four new ones based on broad themes, like engineering and marketing, that will work on multiple product lines.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

The result is that just about every member of the company’s senior management will have new responsibilities. Whether they’ll be able to create an entirely new corporate culture remains to be seen.

But such a shake-up seems more necessary now than ever before. In recent years, Microsoft has been seen as playing catch-up with other tech companies like Google and Apple. Microsoft’s touchscreen phones and tablets, based on the Windows 8 operating system, came out years after Android and iOS devices had already claimed much of the market. Their Bing search engine lags far behind the ubiquitous one from Google.

For details on the reorganization, check out The New York Times.

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