Microsoft Cuts Prices on Surface Tablets

Facing poorer-than-expected sales of their tablet computers, Microsoft has dropped the prices for all models of their Surface tablets. The root of the problem is that Microsoft is facing extremely tough competition by Android and Apple, both of whose tablets are massively outselling their Windows counterparts.

But bad news for Microsoft is good news for customers interested in buying a Surface tablet in time for the upcoming school year. A few weeks ago the company discounted their Surface RT line by as much as $150 in the Microsoft Store. Now they’ve cut prices on their Surface Pro tablets–which run the full version of Windows 8–by $100 apiece.

With the discounts, here’s the current pricing system:

Surface RT
32 GB – $349
64 GB – $449

Surface Pro
64 GB – $799
128 GB – $899

The Surface RT prices are cut indefinitely, while the Surface Pro pricing lasts through August 29, 2013.

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