Which Version of Office Is Right For You?

School is coming back in session, and whether you have a new computer, or just want to keep your core software up to date, you might be asking yourself which version of Microsoft Office should you buy. By all rights, this probably should be an easy question to answer, but Microsoft doesn’t make it all that so easy. When you look at the numerous, similarly-named editions of the software, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Thankfully, The Guardian has a fantastic write-up on which version of Microsoft Office is right for just about everyone.

The good news is, many people won’t have to buy any software at all. If you have an Outlook (or Hotmail) email address, you already have access to the relatively new cloud-based versions of Word, Power Point, Excel, and OneNote. To access them, simply sign into your Outlook email and click SkyDrive at the top.

The web versions of the Office software don’t have all the bells and whistles of the full desktop versions, but if all you need to do is write some words on a page, they’ll do just fine. Better yet, you can make and open Office documents without the errors you’re likely to encounter if you try to open them in Apple or Google’s office suites.

If you needs go beyond the basics, however, this article from The Guardian will help you choose which version of Office to buy.

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