Windows Phone Gains Smartphone Market Share

The research firm IDC has just released a report on the current state of the smartphone market. Between Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, it’s the latter that’s had the biggest year-over-year increase in market share. Microsoft’s market share has gone up 77.6% in the past year, according to IDC.

Ryan Reith, a program manager with IDC’s Mobility Tracker Programs, says, “Nokia has clearly been the driving force behind the Windows Phone platform and we expect that to continue. However, as more and more vendors enter the smartphone market using the Android platform, we expect Windows Phone to become a more attractive differentiator in this very competitive market segment.”

The stat Reith is referring to is this: Nokia made 81.6% of all Windows phones shipped during the second quarter of 2013.

Although Windows Phone is in third place in the smartphone market, it still has a way to go before it can become a major competitor to iOS and Android. For those keeping score, Android currently has a 79.3% market share, Apple has 13.2%, and Windows Phone has 3.7%. Still, with a big year-over-year increase, things are looking up for Microsoft.

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