Ballmer Hints at Office for iPad and Android Tablets

At an annual financial meeting with investors yesterday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dropped some strong hints that they’re working on Office software for iPad and Android tablets.

Ballmer said that Microsoft is “working on everything that you think we should be working on.” While he specified that Windows is the “preferred platform,” he said that Microsoft executives have their “eyes wide open” to the opportunities for bringing in additional revenue by porting products like Office to other platforms.

Adding further support to the hints, during a question and answer session after the presentation, he said, “Our devices carry our services, and our services will be available on a number of people’s devices.”

Microsoft has already released an iPad app called “Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers,” but its scope is very limited compared to the full versions of Office elsewhere, and Apple’s own iWork suite of iPad apps.

[Via PC World]

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