Microsoft Announces New Tablets

Yesterday Microsoft unveiled the next iterations of their Surface tablets. The new devices are simply called the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2, and are upgrades of the originals, rather than wholly new products. Microsoft still faces an uphill battle in the tablet market: the original line of Surface tablets has sold very poorly, while Apple and Android tablets have dominated the market.

The Surface 2, which runs Microsoft’s Windows RT mobile operating system, starts at $449. It represents a sizable improvement over the original, with an improved screen, better audio, better cameras, a faster processor, and longer battery life.

The Surface Pro 2, which runs the full version of Windows, starts at $899. It has seen fewer improvements over last year’s model, but it’s lighter, faster, and run longer on a charge.

Both models also sport better kickstands that stop in two positions rather than one, like last year’s models.

The new tablets launch on October 22, but you can preorder them now.

They also announced two new models of their covers, the Touch Cover and Type Cover. These products are now are thinner and backlit.

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