Professors Have Mixed Reactions to Online Education

According to a recent study on faculty attitudes toward online education by Inside Higher Ed, many professors are skeptical of online education programs like MOOCs (massive open online courses), while others are more welcoming of the idea.

The programs, which are gaining popularity among schools like Harvard and Stanford, generally consist of videos of professors teaching courses as well as online homework and tests. A chief benefit of MOOCs is that they open up education to more people than just students in attending university. People who participate in MOOCs can receive certificates of completion, but not actual course credit.

According to the Economist, many professors who were approached to teach MOOCs declined due to being uncomfortable on camera. Some also worry that their jobs will be replaced by online lectures performed by their more attractive and charismatic colleagues.

Others, meanwhile, like Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller at Stanford University, are embracing the technology. Both professors have become somewhat famous for their online lecture series.

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