HopTo Brings Office Functionality to iPad

Are you sick of waiting for Microsoft to bring Office to iPad? They’ve hinted that they’re working on it–and they’d be crazy not to–but it’s anyone’s guess when it’ll see the light of day. In the meantime, a number of other apps have tried to fill the void, but they’ve usually been expensive or bad or both.

Enter HopTo, a free new app that lets you view and edit Word and Excel documents, and view PowerPoint presentations (editing PowerPoints will come in an update). Surprisingly, HopTo is pretty good.

HopTo offers full compatibility with Office and lets you save your documents locally, or on Dropbox, Google Drive, or You can use any font in Office, although it may not be displayed on the iPad screen. You can even insert photos from your camera roll.

If you’ve been waiting for a decent, inexpensive Office app for iPad, be sure to give HopTo a try. After all, you don’t have anything to lose.

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