Microsoft Releases ‘Office Remote’ for Windows Phones

Microsoft has released a Windows Phone app that lets you control your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files remotely. It’s called Office Remote, and it’s now available for free.

The primary use of the app is to let presenters walk around as they manipulate the slides in PowerPoint files while they give speeches. Using the app, you can start presentations, change slides, and view presenter notes. You can also use the app to control a digital “laser pointer” to highlight items onscreen as you give your presentation.

In Word and Excel, you can use the app to scroll through documents, and quickly jump to different sections.

Office Remote works on all versions of Office 2013 except Office 2013 RT. To get set up, you’ll first have to have a Bluetooth-capable PC, and install an add-in program that lets the devices connect. After that, you’re good to go.

[Source: The Verge]

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