Microsoft Reports Strong Earnings This Quarter

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer might be on his way out, but this quarter he led the company to higher-than-expected profits. In their recent post-earnings conference call, the tech company reported that its net income in its fiscal first quarter rose 17% to $5.2 billion, or 62 cents per share. The company’s revenue rose 16% to $18.5 billion, which is substantially more than the analyst forecasts of $17.8 billion.

When we look at where Microsoft is making its money, things start to get interesting. Windows 8 isn’t taking off as well as the company would like, with sales down 7%. Advertising on Bing is going well, as it’s up 47% over last year, as are their corporate software sales, which rose 10%.

These financial results spurred the company’s stock to rise 6%.

For more information, check out CNN Money.

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