Microsoft News Roundup

A company as big and important to the modern world as Microsoft is bound to be in the news often. Today is no different, but instead of focusing on a single story, I thought I’d offer a roundup of all the big Microsoft stories of the week.

First up we have a report from the new tech site Re/Code that says, “According to numerous sources close to Microsoft, the selection of a new CEO could happen within the next week.” If true, it would be a long time coming, even though it was to be expected, as they announced last year that current CEO Steve Ballmer would hand off the reins in the coming year.

Remember your Microsoft SkyDrive? It’s a cloud-based bucket for all of your Office documents among other things (just like Google Drive). Due to some legal issues, they’ve been forced to rename it the OneDrive. Same thing, just under a new name.

And lastly, if you have a PlayStation 3 and are considering an Xbox One, Microsoft will give you $100 to “Ditch your PS3.” The offer is only valid in Microsoft Stores, so if you have one near you and are feeling like moving on to the new generation of gaming, you might consider making the switch.

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