New Help Bar Coming to Office 365

Remember Clippy, the anthropomorphic cartoon paper clip that used to hang out in the corner of Microsoft Word when you were a kid? The one that spouted tips about how to use the software, but most people turned him off? Well, Clippy is returning in spirit if not in body in Office 365. Instead of an adorable cartoon character, Microsoft is adding a new search bar to the top of their Office Web apps.

The search bar–called the “Tell Me Bar”–is effectively a user-friendly way to learn how to do specific things in the software. Before, you’d have to flip through the company’s help documentation, which always took more time than it was worth to find what you were looking for. I usually ended up going straight to Google to figure out how to tweak my documents just the way I wanted them.

Hopefully, the new search bar will make Googling unnecessary, as it will help you find what you need from within the Web app itself. Look for the new “Tell Me Bar” in your Office Web apps this week.

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