The Unusual Work Habits of Tech Executives

The Wall Street Journal has posted a fascinating article that digs into the unique workspace quirks of many top-tier tech executives, starting with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. First off, he didn’t have a desk. So instead of relying on the usual business trappings, he made most of the company go paperless, and preferred working on a Surface tablet and using a white board to jot down ideas.

Ballmer wasn’t the only one working from a Surface tablet; he made all of the executives do so as well. Ballmer himself felt most comfortable using his tablet on a chaise lounge, which he had placed in his office. Other objects he kept in his deskless office include a miniature putting setup and a chin-up bar to take pressure off of his bad back.

Ballmer isn’t the only executive to reject the traditional office workspace. Twitter co-founder and chairman Jack Dorsey doesn’t even have an office. “I don’t have a desk,” he told an interviewer. “I have my iPad.” The people at WordPress don’t have desks, a central office, or even bosses, instead forming into “ad-hoc groups.” Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley eschew executive offices and instead work in the trenches in open-air offices with their employees.

It makes one wonder what kind of stratospheric success you could have if you gave up the usual trappings of the modern office. You can read more here.

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