Source: Office for iPad ‘Ready to Go’

According to a report from Reuters, Microsoft has Office for iPad “ready to go.” The question is, when will new CEO Satya Nadella give the go ahead to release it on the App Store.

If the rumor (from a trusted source) is true, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft pulls the trigger sooner rather than later. The reason it might make sense for Microsoft to wait to release it is so they can offer Office exclusively on Microsoft Surface tablets for a while before releasing it on other tablet platforms. That would give businesses and individuals an incentive to try Windows tablet computers.

On the other hand, if they release it on iPad first, it may stop iPad owners from switching (potentially permanently) to competing office apps like Apple’s iWork suite and Google Docs–both of which are already available on iPad for free.

The Reuters article also highlights a business that has already stopped waiting and switched to a competitor called Quip. You can read the full article here for more details.