Office for iPad Review Roundup

Now that Office has been released on the iPad and tech reviewers have had time to sink their teeth into it, it’s time to take a look at how it stacks up against the competition. Is it worth downloading? Is it worth paying for an Office 365 subscription in order to work on your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents on your tablet?

The tech website CNET really likes it, giving the suite of apps 4.5 stars out of 5. They summarize their thoughts with this: “The Office for iPad apps are a great middle ground between desktop and smartphone versions, and are a must-have for frequent Office users.”

TechCrunch calls it “surprisingly worth the wait,” which is a funny mix between a dig and a compliment. They praise the free aspects like the ability to give PowerPoint presentations and read Word documents, but they’re a little sour on the monthly cost of maintaining an Office 365 subscription to keep the apps fully functional.

Over at Mashable, the reviewer was impressed by how the apps blend in with the Apple ecosystem while maintaining their Microsoft flair, as well as the OneDrive cloud storage setup. In summary, “Microsoft Office for iPad is the tablet suite Office users have been dreaming of. It’s well designed, works both as expected and in a way that makes sense in an iPad world.”

Time Magazine says the suite offers a mostly good experience, with a few quirks, while Engadget easily recommends it for people with a subscription to Office 365 already, but: “For everyone else, though, it’s an impractical choice — especially when competing apps like Apple’s iWork suite can be had for free.”