Office for iPad is a Hit

Wouldn’t you know it, Microsoft Office for iPad is a bonafide hit. It’s been available just 46 days, and already it’s been downloaded by 27 million users. This number is more than twice the figure the company shared over a month ago. Word comes according to Julia White, Microsoft’s general manager for Office, at the TechEd conference on Monday.

Office for iPad includes Word, Excel and Power Point applications. It should also be noted that the apps are free to download, but the free versions only let you view documents and deliver PowerPoint presentations. They don’t let you edit the files unless you subscribe to Office 365. Microsoft gave no hint as to how many new subscribers they’ve gained since the iPad release.

In any case, this is good news for Microsoft, and it suggest many people are interested in their Office software, despite that Apple gives away its equivalent software for free to anyone who buys a new iPad or iPhone.

[Via Forbes]