How to Fix Office 2013 if the Latest Patch Broke It

Ideally, software patches are supposed to fix things like bugs and glitches, but sometimes a company releases a patch that ends up breaking things instead. That was the case last week for some owners of Office 2013 when they downloaded Microsoft’s latest monthly patch for the suite of apps. But don’t fret: if it happened to you, we have the fix below.

In a blog post, the Microsoft Office Sustained Engineering Team wrote, “Shortly after the release of the June Public Update, we received notification of a potential issue affecting a subset of Office 2013 Click-to-Run users. In some cases, users running Office 2013 may not be able to launch Office products after the June Public updates are installed.”

The solution? Uninstall Microsoft Office by following these instructions, and then reinstall it from the My Accounts Page. Just make sure you have your Microsoft account and password on hand.

It’s a pain, but if it gets Office working on your computer again, it’s worth doing.