Microsoft Finally Focuses on Games at E3

At last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Microsoft made an enormous blunder by introducing the Xbox One console, but focusing the press conference on the console’s media capabilities instead of its, you know, the games. Games are what E3 is all about, so Xbox fans were understandably put off by the press conference. The Xbox One has had a successful launch by any estimation, but it’s trailing behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 by a widening margin.  With this year’s E3 press conference, Microsoft is looking to turn the tides. The company attempted to do that by showing games. Lots of games. Here are some of the games Microsoft showed.

Forza Horizon 2

This follow-up to 2011’s Forza Horizon takes the series to southern Europe, which is full of winding roads and ancient buildings. This game will offer a large number of vehicles to choose from and tight controls that are easy to learn but tough to master. Watch a gameplay demo here.

Halo Master Chief Collection

This is one of the best game collections ever assembled. It compiles all four main Halo titles, including upscaled versions of the first two, plus every multiplayer map ever made for the games, plus access to the Halo TV show that’s coming this fall. Watch the trailer here.

Sunset Overdrive

Most shooters these days are dreary affairs, with weighty themes and costly violence. Sunset Overdrive is a different beast altogether. It’s a gleeful mutant-slaying affair, with tons of fast-paced gameplay — exactly what you’d expect from the makers of Ratchet and Clank. Watch a gameplay demo here.

Fable: Legends

The Fable series has always featured a somewhat generic fantasy world, but the wit and silliness the developers bring to it make it worth playing. This upcoming installment will put a heavy focus on cooperative multiplayer, so you and three friends can complete objectives and slay orcs together. Watch the trailer here.