NYT: Surface Pro 3 Isn’t for Everybody

New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo spent a month using the Surface Pro 3 as his main computer as a test to see if he could get used to the tablet-meets-laptop device. His conclusion is that Microsoft’s latest stab at blending two distinct devices brings too many compromises on the laptop side of things.

Manjoo’s main gripe? The keyboard and trackpad. If you want to get serious work done, he says, whether that means typing lots of words, navigating lots of browser tabs, or working through large spreadsheets, the input on the $130 Type Cover (sold separately) just isn’t up to the task.

So who is the Surface Pro 3 best suited for? People who would like a tablet, but occasionally need to do some semi-heavy computing. The biggest problem is that the Surface Pro 3 starts at $799, plus the keyboard cover, while full-sized iPads start at $499.

Manjoo says, “In the end, I didn’t see that payoff. My time with Microsoft’s new tablet computer began with a feeling of minor annoyance and eventually leveled off into a sense of settling for something less than ideal. I never felt fully at ease with the Surface Pro 3, and I’m typing this review on the MacBook.”

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