Reports: Microsoft to Unveil Windows 9 in September

Now that we know that development of Windows 8 is pretty much over, we can’t help but look to the future to see what’s next for the operating system. As luck would have it, numerous reliable sources have reported that Microsoft plans to take the veil off Windows 9 in September. The The Verge pins it specifically on September 30.

So what will the next version of Windows look like? Microsoft has already announced that it will bring back the beloved Start Menu that was missing from Windows 8 by default. It’s likely that it will pull back on some of the more decried features of Windows 8, and will let people use Metro apps in desktop windows.

What else will be included in the update remains to be seen, but it looks like Microsoft will make the presentation public rather than just for developers, much like how Apple and Google have been doing recently. Keep your eyes open for an official announcement soon.