Details Emerge About the Next Version of Office

Testing has begun on the next version of Microsoft Office, “sources familiar with Microsoft’s Office plans” told The Verge. The new version includes an optional visual overhaul as well as some nifty new features.

Perhaps the most useful new feature is that the “Tell me” tool that is currently available in the online version of Office will be coming to the desktop apps. The feature, which looks like a search bar with a lightbulb in it, helps you discover new features and lets you ask questions that might otherwise be difficult to answer from the Help menu.

(Pro tip: as a general rule, if you ever wonder how to do anything on a computer, especially in an Office app, Googling your query usually turns up quick results).

The visual overhaul referred to up top is a dark theme that you’ll be able to switch on whenever you want. It’s most useful when you’re typing in a dark room and you don’t want a blinding white screen blaring in your face. It looks pretty fancy, too.