More Job Cuts for Microsoft Coming This Week

Remember Microsoft’s plan to cut 18,000 jobs? The first phase of the plan has already happened, when the company shed 13,000 employees back in July. The second wave of layoffs is set to occur later this week, according to sources speaking with CNET.

According to CNET, the initial job cuts “included some, but not all, of the former Nokia employees, my contacts say. It also included employees in the Operating Systems Group and just about every other group across the company. Microsoft also is planning to reduce its dependency on “contingent” (non full-time) employees by 20 percent as part of its realignment.”

It’s unclear how many jobs will be cut in this next wave of layoffs, but when CEO Satya Nadella announced the job cuts, he said they would come in several waves. How many waves remains unclear.

I’d hate to be a Microsoft employee right now, as the cuts are said to be happening across all divisions of the company. The only people who might be happy about the layoffs are investors, who have been calling for Microsoft to slim down and prepare for a profitable future.

[Via CNET]