Report: Xbox-Compatible Wearable Coming Next Year

The Xbox One is picking up a lot of steam this holiday season, as big-name games make their way to the console. It’s also the best media player of the current crop of gaming consoles, and even includes “achievements” for doing things like watching things on Hulu and Netflix. But for all that encouragement to keep you sitting in front of a TV, it looks like Microsoft has plans to get you off the couch and to the gym.

That’s according to PCR, which reports hearing from a Microsoft supplier that the company is working on “a spate of [wearable] devices” that will link to the Xbox One.

According to the leaker of the information, “These will be linked to the Xbox One which has loads of health and fitness apps already in it – add that to real time heart rate monitors, health bands, scales and video sensors and users will have day in, day out, real time monitoring of themselves.”

That whole “a spate” thing sounds fishy to me, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to release a FitBit-like wristband that syncs with the fitness apps on Xbox One. If anything can tear people away from the screens we stare into all day, it’s probably a good thing.