Goodbye Clip Art, Hello Bing Images

If you’ve used Office for the past couple of decades, you’ve probably had occasion to dip into the wonderful world of clip art that’s included in apps like Word and PowerPoint. Enjoy those lovable sketches while you can, because it looks like their time is limited.

According to the Office support page, in an answer to the question “Where is the Clip Art site?” the answer is as follows:

If you came to looking for clip art to use in your documents, please search at Bing Images instead. The Office Clip Art site has been retired.

Bing provides a larger variety of more up-to-date pictures than the old Clip Art site. Bing also makes it easy for you to choose pictures you’re legally authorized to use as it uses a copyright filter based on the Creative Commons license system. These are images you can use, share, or modify for either personal or commercial use.

If you’re looking for clip art, just include the phrase “clip art” in your search. If you’re worried about copyright, you can click the “license” drop-down menu and select the “Public Domain” or “Free to Share and Use” options.

It looks like not everyone has lost the ability to use clip art in Office yet, but if you use it often, you’ll probably want to acquaint yourself with an alternative before it’s gone for good.

[Via the Office Blog]