Office Apps Coming to Windows Phone, Microsoft Insists

Everyone’s been fawning over the hot new revamped Office apps for iOS and Android, but Windows phone owners are wondering when they’ll get in on that action. After all, shouldn’t they be the privileged class, seeing as their operating system was also made by Microsoft?

Never fear, says Microsoft. Joe Belfiore, a higher-up at the company, wrote on Weibo (of all places), “I want to acknowledge the comments and letter you all have sent, noting that you’ve been frustrated seeing Microsoft launch applications like Office on iOS and Android, without accompanying news around what will happen on Windows Phone. I want to assure you that our Office team has not forgotten Windows Phone — we’re just aligning all of our news and announcements to a single event.”

If you’re a gambler, the safe money is on that single event being the January 21 event Microsoft has planned to unveil Windows 10. So if you’re a Windows phone owner who wants to do some word processing or presentation making on your phone, news is heading your way in a few weeks.