Outlook Released for iOS and Android

Do perpetual motion machines exist? I ask because Microsoft doesn’t seem to sit still for a moment these days. The company has just released a sleek, slick Outlook app for iOS and Android. You can download it for free here from the iOS App Store and a preview version for Android here.

Granted, Outlook doesn’t have a reputation for being the most entertaining piece of software this side of Minecraft, but this isn’t the old crusty Outlook app you may have used on Windows. This is something else altogether. For one thing, it’s the latest permutation of the exemplary email app Acompli that Microsoft bought last year.  It’s also a quick, frills-free email app, the likes of which iPhone had been sorely missing. It also acts a calendar, syncing to whatever email and calendar apps you use.

What makes it so great? For one thing, it has no gimmicks, like other popular email apps such as Mailbox. Nor is it a crummy web app like Gmail’s official iOS app. The one special feature it has is that you can make emails vanish, only to reappear whenever you want, at a scheduled time. This helps you retain Inbox Zero while taking control of the messages you have waiting in the wings.

You can read more about the new Outlook app here on Microsoft’s blog.