Microsoft Acquires Sunrise Mobile Calendar App

Microsoft is on a roll with its acquisitions these days. After acquiring the Acompli email app in December, it did a quick turnaround and revamped and rereleased it as Outlook for mobile. The company announced today on its blog that it has acquired Sunrise, the makers of a calendar app of the same name.

Sunrise is a very well received calendar app that syncs with all of the major existing calendar platforms, like Exchange, Apple’s iCloud, and Google Calendar. One of its key features is that you can add events by typing in natural language. So you could write, “Study with Dan at 10 tomorrow morning,” and it would create the event without you having to mess with individual entry fields for each piece of information.

You can also tag locations for events, and it’ll show you directions in Google Maps. It can also show you things like weather forecasts, Facebook events, and birthdays. By all accounts, it’s a top-of-the-line calendar app, and a smart acquisition for Microsoft in its attempt to offer excellent productivity apps on all mobile platforms.

Currently, you can download Sunrise here on the App Store or here on Google Play.

In the blog post, Rajesh Jha, the Corporate Vice President of Outlook and Office 365, wrote, “We are making this acquisition because we believe a reinvention in the way people use calendars on mobile devices is long overdue. Our goal is to better help people manage and make the most of their time in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.”