Nadella’s First Year as Microsoft CEO

As of today, Satya Nadella has been the chief executive officer of Microsoft for exactly one year. As someone who’s written about the company for quite some time, I can assure you it’s been a year defined by dramatic shifts in strategy and action.

Microsoft has been very busy since former CEO Steve Ballmer was set loose in February 2014. The company hasn’t seemed to sit still for an instant. It’s been a year of layoffs, acquisitions, mobile app development, and the planning of a whole new version of Windows designed to correct the mistakes of Windows 8.

The biggest move as far as this blog goes was that Microsoft has brought Office to iOS and Android — before bringing it to Windows phones and tablets, no less. It’s all part of Microsoft’s shift, under Nadella, to be a mobile-first, cloud-first company. That’s the plan Nadella laid out, and that’s exactly the motivating force behind the company’s biggest moves over the past year.

Tallying up the year is challenging because the company is still in transition. But Microsoft’s stock is up 14 percent, which says investors are optimistic about its direction. It will be quite a while before the payoff of the new strategy starts to show, but considering how far Microsoft has come in the past year, I think we’ll be looking at a fairly different company by the time February 2016 rolls around. Here’s to another big year.