Hands-On with Microsoft Office 2016

The site PC Pro has posted a hands-on preview of Microsoft’s upcoming 2016 iteration of its Office suite of apps. It’s based on the “IT Pro and Developer Preview” versions, so it’s not exactly what customers will be using once the apps launch later this year.

Their findings? It’s not such a massive update, at least for now. That’s somewhat to be expected, since this suite of apps has been entrenched in the business, publishing, educational, (you name it) world for several decades. Office answers to many groups of people, so changing it up too much wouldn’t be a wise move on Microsoft’s part.

From the article:

Aside from the toolbar search facility and new theme, there isn’t much to the Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview, but it’s early days yet. The software has only just emerged from the private preview stage, and is currently missing many of the features that are planned for the final release, when the software officially hits later this year.

But as the months go by, Microsoft promises to add some of those features to the preview via monthly updates. We’ll cover those and keep you updated just as soon as it does.

Anyway, check out the full story here for details on what to expect from Office 2016.