Office Will Be Free on Windows Tablets

Microsoft has announced that a basic version of Office for mobile devices will be free for anyone with a device with a screen 10.1 inches or smaller. That means people with Windows tablets can enjoy Office for zilch, just like people with iOS and Android tablets. It will also apply to Windows 10 when it’s released.

It does not apply to desktop versions of Office such as Office 2013 and the forthcoming Office 2016.

“Based on our research, we are classifying anything with a screen size of 10.1 inches or less as a true mobile device: You’re probably using it on the go, when it’s not practical to use a larger computing device such as a PC or a Mac. You probably aren’t using a mouse or a keyboard, instead navigating via touch interface,” Microsoft corporate VP Kirk Koenigsbauer wrote in a blog post.

[Via Re/Code]