Microsoft Releases Final Office for Windows 10 Apps

Though Windows 10 isn’t set to launch until July 29, Microsoft has removed the “Preview” tag from its Windows 10 Office apps today for anyone who’s testing the upcoming operating system. According to The Verge:

Not much has changed in the apps over the course of the five-month preview, but they’re clearly more refined alongside the Windows 10 operating system they run on. While they will run on desktop PCs, Microsoft has named them mobile apps as they’re primarily designed as touch-friendly applications for tablets and phones running Windows 10.

If you only need Office for basic editing and authoring¬†then these are perfect. They’re lightweight, speedy, and very easy to use. Microsoft has integrated OneDrive deep into the experience, so you can edit documents from the cloud and pick up where you left off. During my testing of the preview versions I noticed that the spellcheck option didn’t work correctly in Word Mobile, but that has been rectified for these final versions alongside other minor changes and bug fixes. Microsoft’s Office for Windows 10 apps include Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, and OneNote.