5 Reasons Microsoft Office 2016 is Better Than Google Docs

Now that Office 2016 is officially in the wild, it’s time to dig into all the new features that you can do in this version that you couldn’t do in the previous one. To help us out, CNET has the rundown on five reasons Office 2016 is better than Google Docs, as well as three areas where it still lags behind. From the article:

Office finds the tools you need

Microsoft acknowledges that the Office apps have so many features that it can be hard to remember where to find all of them in their various menus. So Microsoft’s Office team created a new search tool to help you find them. Think of it as a far less annoying and more helpful Clippy.

In the ribbon (main menu bar at the top) for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, click on “Tell me what you want to do” and start typing the name of a feature you need. The app will find it and display the exact menu you need, without needing to dig around for it. It’s a simple addition, but one that would have come in handy for me many years ago writing college papers and constantly forgetting where to find the footnote tool.