Microsoft and Salesforce Working on New Joint Projects

Salesforce is an incredibly popular piece of software, used by all kinds of companies big and small. Thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, Office apps will soon be tightly integrated into Salesforce software. According to Fortune:

The two companies have already delivered on several projects that create close ties between the various Salesforce cloud services and Microsoft’s market-leading Office suite. They now have four more collaborations up their sleeves, including technology that embeds Skype conferencing and communications features right into the Salesforce user interface.

Why you care: a sales representative can now call a prospect from within the Salesforce system and dive into a pitch without having to launch an entirely separate application.

 “We are doubling down for the next phase,” said Fergus Griffin, senior vice president of products and solutions marketing for Salesforce.

Several other things that customers can expect: ties between the Salesforce system and Microsoft’s digital note-taking app; support for Salesforce data in Office Graph and Office Delve analytics results; and a Salesforce1 app for Windows 10. All of these technologies should emerge in the second half of 2016, according to senior Microsoft and Salesforce executives. That seems like a long time away, but most businesses appreciate that sort of notice.

If you go into any sales position after college, there’s a decent chance you’ll end up using Salesforce. By that time, you’ll probably be able to put your Microsoft Office skills to good use.