Microsoft Office is Ready for iPad Pro

There was a time not long ago when Apple and Microsoft were fighting tooth and nail for desktop supremacy. Although the two operating systems are still in play (Windows and OS X), the two companies are focused on very different businesses now. And oddly enough, as shown at this month’s Apple event, those two businesses can work together. Microsoft went onstage at Apple’s event to show off how great its Office software is on the upcoming iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is a larger version of the iPad, with a 12.9-inch screen. It’s so big that it can fit two apps comfortably side-by-side. Microsoft demonstrated how you can have Excel open on one side and Word open in the other. Then you can create and copy a chart in Excel and paste it into your Word document, all without going through the hassle of closing and opening the apps.

Apple is touting the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, and it’s priced accordingly, starting at $800. But if you buy one, Microsoft is ready for it with Office.