Is it Safe to Use an Old Version of Microsoft Office?

The common advice about updates and new versions of software is that you should always keep your apps current. Companies often use updates to increase security and squash bugs to make sure things run smoothly. The question, now that Office 2016 is on the market, is whether it’s still OK to use an older version of the productivity suite.

According to BT, it depends on how old your apps are. From the article:

Microsoft has obviously long since abandoned older versions of Office and next on the hit list is Office 2010. Released in June 2010, its ‘mainstream’ support comes to an end on October 12th this year — a five-year lifecycle is usual for all Microsoft software. That means unless any outstanding bugs affect its (or Windows’) security, they won’t be fixed after this date.

The clock then starts ticking for ‘extended’ support and, in another five years, that also ends. That means Microsoft then won’t issue updates of any kind for Office 2010 and it then joins Office 2007, Office 2003, Office XP, Office 97 and Office 95 in the halls of obsolete Microsoft Office suites.