Microsoft is Back, But Not for What You’d Think

Ars Technica has a new article called “2015: The year that Microsoft started getting the benefit of the doubt” that digs into how the tech press and the general populous has begun to respect the company again.

For years in the 1990s and early 2000s, Microsoft offered most of the software that ruled the world. The software was so good at what it did that it was considered cool. Then Apple started getting popular and stealing some of the Redmond company’s thunder. The consensus changed so that people thought of Apple as the company with the design chops that Microsoft lacked. Microsoft’s software, meanwhile, began to represent work rather than fun things like making movies and music.

Now that Microsoft has begun operating in the hardware space with its Windows phones and Surface tablets, the company seems to have gained a foothold in the “cool” department once again. But it’s hardware, not software, that’s leading the charge. Read the full article for more details.