Microsoft Adds Real-Time Collaboration for Office Via Dropbox and Box

Good news for cloud storage users who don’t want to mess with Microsoft’s OneDrive platform. If your cloud storage service of choice is Dropbox or Box, you can now collaborate on Office documents in real time using Office Online or Office for iOS. Previously, real-time collaboration was restricted to OneDrive.

From Microsoft’s blog post on the subject:

Starting today, in addition to Dropbox, we’re offering all CSPP partners the opportunity to tightly integrate with Office for iOS. This integration lets users designate these partner cloud services as “places” in Office, just as they can with Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. Users can now browse for PowerPoint, Word and Excel files on their favorite cloud service right from within an Office app. They can open, edit or create in these apps with confidence that their files will be updated right in the cloud. Users can also open Office files from their cloud storage app in Office, then save any changes directly back to the cloud. We’ll follow with other mobile platforms later this year.

This integration is now also available with Box—with partners including Citrix ShareFile, Edmodo and Egnyte coming soon. Download the iOS WordExcel and PowerPoint apps now and give it a try.