Apple Targets Microsoft With New Announcements

It seems like a tale as old as tech: Apple vs. Microsoft in a never-ending war. But just last year, Apple brought Microsoft onstage to show off Office on the iPad Pro. As if that never happened, Apple just unleashed a new attack in its latest press event, in which it introduced a new smaller iPad Pro and a smaller iPhone.

From Fortune:

Apple’s head marketer Phil Schiller took several shots at Microsoft during his presentation of the new iPad, suggesting Apple is hoping to convert the millions of Windows users in the marketplace to jump-ship to the world of Apple’s operating systems comprised of iOS and Mac OS.

Schiller quipped that the majority of new iPad Pro customers “are coming from a Windows PC,” and he belittled both the Windows operating system and PCs powered by it, reflecting they were created before modern technological innovations like the Internet and Apple’s App Store.