Add-Ins are Coming to Office for Mac

Microsoft would probably prefer that we all use Office on a Windows 10 PC, but that’s not how everyone does it. More and more people are rocking Office for Mac, and they would like feature parity if possible. Good news for them: Add-ins are coming to Office for Mac.

From Macworld:

According to Microsoft’s Office Dev Center, the company is bringing its add-ins feature to the Mac version of its Office suite. Add-ins, which allow third-party developers to add functionality and features to Office, are already a key feature of Office on Windows and iOS, as well as the Office Web apps, so their arrival on the Mac will bring that suite more in line with the rest of the Office universe.

Add-in support for the Android version of Office is still “in the works,” according to Microsoft.

Examples of add-ins currently available include one that lets you look up information on Wikipedia, another that translates text from within Word, and another that lets you save items to Evernote while you’re using Outlook.