Microsoft OneDrive Storage Issues Continue

Last year, Microsoft sent out emails to the users of the free version of the cloud storage platform OneDrive to inform them that the 15 GB of free OneDrive storage they were enjoying was coming to an end. The company would now only offer 5 GB of storage for free. To make it up to the users who used OneDrive to store more than 5 GB of data, Microsoft said it would give them a free year’s subscription to Office 365.

According to Redmond Mag:

Office 365 also includes free OneDrive storage, but that too has been recently scaled back. Microsoft previously included unlimited OneDrive storage with at least some of its Office 365 subscriptions. However, that too is being scaled back. The new limit is 1TB.

Needless to say, Microsoft’s decision to reduce OneDrive storage within Office 365 has not exactly been popular with its customers. Microsoft has cited abuse as its reason behind the policy change. According to one blog post, some OneDrive accounts had grown to sizes in excess of 75TB, and OneDrive was being used for multi-system backups, and for storing large collections of video.