Enterprise Office 365 Customers Should Move Their Files

If you’re an enterprise customer and you’re still running legacy Office apps, it’s time to move your files over to Office 365. That’s because Microsoft has announced it will require customers to update in October.

From Computer World:

Alongside a large number of Windows security updates issued Tuesday, Microsoft also released build 1602 of the Office apps to corporate Office 365 subscribers who hew to the “Deferred Channel” track.

Deferred Channel is the slower of the two main release tracks Microsoft established for Office 365. (Until February, it was called “Current Branch for Business” to match the name of a slow release track for Windows 10.) Unlike the faster “Current Channel” (CC), which boasts monthly updates to the Office 2016 applications — Word, Outlook, Excel and the like — Deferred Channel (DC) only provides updates every four months.

Consumers who subscribe to Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home are on the CC track; they don’t get a choice. IT administrators managing commercial Office 365 plans, such as Business Premium, E3 and E5, may select either CC or DC for some or all users.