How to Make Google Drive Apps More Like Office

There’s a chance that the company you work for will or does require you to work in Google Drive apps rather than Microsoft Office apps. That would be a shame, seeing as you’ve gotten so familiar with Microsoft Office. If that’s the case, PCWorld has a great article on how to make your Google Drive apps look and act more like Microsoft Office apps.

From the article:

Something that will greatly improve your compatibility when exchanging files with Word, is to change the default fonts to those that match Microsoft’s word processor..

It’s unfortunate that this isn’t the case already, but it’s a rather easy fix. In Docs, you want to change the “Normal” font to Calibri, font size 11-pt. (Word uses Calibri Light, but this is the closest we can get for now). To do this, highlight text and click the Styles toggle. Click the arrow next to Normal Text and select Update ‘Normal text’ to match.