Microsoft Authenticator Simplifies Two-Factor Logins

If you like keeping tight security on your accounts, you may have enabled a two-factor login feature for your Microsoft account. The idea behind two-factor logins is to make it more difficult for other people to access your account. In any case, until now, the two-factor situation has been a mess, to put it bluntly, with multiple apps required for various kinds of Microsoft accounts, and no app on iOS. That’s about to change, with the introduction of Microsoft Authenticator.

From Digital Trends:

That’s why Microsoft’s starting fresh with Microsoft Authenticator, which Microsoft Identity Division’s Alex Simons said “combines the best parts of our previous authenticator apps into a new app.” The app’s biggest benefit? The ability to log into both Microsoft Accounts and Azure ADs from a single interface. But that’s not the only improvement it has in tow. The user interface has been refreshed, and it’s gained support for one-click push notifications: initiate a login and you’ll get a message on your mobile with an “approve” button. Hit it, and you’re free to continue on your merry way.

There’s more. Microsoft Authenticator supports wearables, for better or worse — you can use an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear smartwatch to “approve MFA challenges.” Enterprise users can sign in using certificates now, too, but not to worry if you prefer biometrics to a PIN, passcode, or file: The new app supports fingerprint-based approvals on Android and iOS.