Instructors / Release Notes

August 12th, 2016 – Release Notes

New SIMnet Content & Features

Upgraded Library View

The Library view for students has been updated to show each book in your library more clearly and efficiently.

Each book also includes search directly from the library view, without navigating inside of the book itself.

New Projects

  • Word 2016 Capstone – Level 1 Formatting a Document
  • Word 2016 Capstone – Level 2 Writing a Research Paper
  • Word 2016 Capstone – Level 3 Writing a Research Paper
  • Excel 2016 Capstone Project Level 3 Working with Sales Data
  • Excel 2016 Capstone Project Level 3 Working with Sales Data with VLOOKUP
  • PowerPoint 2016 Capstone – Level 3 Creating a Company’s Presentation
  • Access 2016 Capstone – Level 3 Working with a Sales Database

New/Improved Grading Features


  • Improved grading of table field properties to include column width; field caption; field description; use of AutoFit on column; order of fields in a table; format of a field; input mask applied; and text alignment
  • Improved grading for table data with variance and exact match
  • Improved grading of controls and formatting in headers and footers in reports
  • Improved grading of grouping and sorting in reports
  • Improved grading of form control widths
  • Determine table properties and values
  • Determine if a record source for a form has the correct table
  • Compare lookup field properties for a value list lookup field (type your own values)
  • Compare lookup field properties for a lookup from a table field (get values from a table)
  • Determine if a report has a Stepped, Block or Outline group layout.
  • Determine if the correct properties have been applied to group total controls.
  • Compare a query’s fields order.


  • Improved grading for sheet names
  • Improved grading for cell values
  • Improved grading of multiple chart types in a sheet
  • Improved grading of cell number formatting
  • Improved grading of chart elements
  • Determine if column is sized using AutoFit
  • Determine data label position in a chart


  • Improved grading of Animations


  • Improved grading of bullets and number formatting