Does Office 365 Offer Too Much?

It seems like every few weeks, Microsoft introduces a new app to the Office 365 suite. We’re not talking apps on the level of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. We’re talking smaller apps that offer tools only a small subset of users will need. One writer for Tech Republic thinks Microsoft may be taking things a bit too far.

From the article:

The screenshot below shows my installation of Office 365 Business Premium. Notice how many icons are listed on my Home tab. Also, take note of how many third-party Office 365 apps are available to me. There is even an app that makes it easy for me to schedule meetings at Starbucks. Do we really need that?

Image A

Office 365 is starting to suffer from feature creep and application redundancy. For example, there are at least four presentation applications listed in the current Office 365 Business Premium Home tab: PowerPoint, Sway, Delve, and Stream. Each has its own merits and perhaps even its own niche, but are all four apps really necessary?