Professional Skills You Need to Learn in Your 20s

Once you graduate, you’re probably hoping to snag some kind of professional job in your area of study. To do that, and to work your way up the corporate ladder, you’re going to need to equip yourself with some professional skills. The website YourStory has a good rundown of the skills required for professional success, one of which you’re already well on your way toward: mastery of Microsoft Office.

From the article:

We’ve spoken a lot about interpersonal skills being some of the most important lessons you’ll learn in your 20s. However, there is one particular technical skill that will help you enormously in the course of your career.

Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite used in the corporate world by far. You need to learn how to be adept at MS Office, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint because these are the tools you’ll use to convey information to your corporate superiors, customers, and clients.