If Microsoft Calls to ‘Fix Your Computer’ It’s a Scam

Computer scammers are a creative group. They’re always on the lookout for new ways to trick people into giving them money, whether that means installing malware that hijacks your computer or calling you up pretending to be Microsoft customer service. The latter actually happened to a woman in Arizona.

Here’s the unfortunate story of one woman from Arizona, according to ABC15:

It’s sometimes called the Microsoft Scam, the Windows Scam, or the Tech Support Scam. No matter what it is called, it’s important to know that Microsoft will never call to say it found a problem with your PC. Its staffers are not monitoring millions of computers for problems.

Janszen hung up, but the damage had been done: the scammer had already downloaded malware onto her computer. She ultimately had to take her locked computer to Staples, where tech support staff cleared out the scammer’s malware — for a small fee.