Touch Bar Shortcuts are Coming to Office for Mac

If you’re the proud owner of a shiny new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you’ll soon have a whole new reason to open up your Microsoft Office apps. That’s because Microsoft is gearing up to bring Touch Bar compatibility to them. If you’re an Office Insider, you can already download a beta of the new apps and try them for yourself. If not, you can sign up to become one here.

What kind of functionality does the Touch Bar add to Office? Shortcuts. For instance, a Focus Mode in Word makes the ribbon vanish from your main screen and appear on the touchscreen above the number keys on your keyboard. In PowerPoint, the Touch Bar displays thumbnail versions of the slides in your presentation that take you directly to any of them when tapped. Excel populates the Touch Bar with any functions you’ve used recently.

If you have a Touch Bar Mac, you can either join the Office Insider program and give them a try, or wait until the update launches for all Office Mac users.