Is It Time to Rethink Office 365 Communication Apps?

Microsoft Office 365 offers a whole lot of ways for you to communicate with other people, including Outlook, Skype, Yammer, Teams, SharePoint, and on and on. These apps, both widely-known and relatively unknown, offer a lot of convenience and options. The problem is that they’re a lot to juggle. Just determining which app to use for any particular communication can cause headaches.

A writer for Redmond Magazine has a possible solution. According to the essay:

I applaud Microsoft for including so many great apps in Office 365, but I think that it is time for Microsoft to take a step back and consider how users work with those apps. Some of the Office 365 apps use dedicated client components, while others use Web interfaces. Right now, for example, as I type this article on my desktop, I have an Outlook window open and I have a Skype for Business window open. My wish is that Microsoft would create a new version of Outlook (or of some brand new client component) that exposes all of the functionality of Outlook, Yammer, SharePoint, and Skype for Business through a single pane of glass. In my mind, all communication and collaboration should be exposed through a single “super client.” That way, the end user does not have to constantly juggle applications as they switch from one task to the next.